In our typical rural village in the Kempen, the northern part of Belgium, it is excellent walking.
All walks have a characteristic nature or landscape theme and carry you along quiet and valuable nature sites. In Rijkevorsel you can find different signposted tracks:

  • Aster Berkhofpad 8km
  • Bolk Papenvoort 6km
  • Keirschotpad 7.8km
  • Peer Van Aertpad 7.5km
  • Heespad 9.1km
  • Gammerspad 7.5km
  • Senator Coolspad 9.5km
  • Brandende Scheperpad 7.3km
  • Louis Domspad 11.8km

More info you can find at the local tourist office or at the touristic website from the Antwerp Kempen


Furthermore invite the lanes from the colonies Merskplas and Wortel you to walk through this unique landscape. New since the beginning of 2012 is also the hiking Nieuw sinds dit jaar is walking through nodes in the walking network Kempen colonies.

Tracks and hiking maps are at your disposal.

Wandelknooppunt.be is a very useful site to plan your hikes.


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